Thursday, May 18, 2017

This too shall pass ...

So if you read any Canadian newspapers at all, you’re aware of the cultural appropriation arguments going on, with certain persons claiming that white writers, especially those in mainstream media,  cannot be sensitive enough to write about issues involving indigenous people. The suggestion from some is that unless you’re part of the oppressed group, you just don’t have enough understanding and empathy to really appreciate what it means to be oppressed. Or to truly understand the problem. The claim is that cultural appropriation is happening so much and so often that as long as we tolerate it, we encourage it.
Hmmm. I disagree. This is Canada. People are still allowed to think their own thoughts and form their own opinions.  William Shakespeare wrote about Jews living in Venice and witches in Scotland. So maybe we should ban Shakespeare too. 
These people with their faux outrage are just talk, talk, talk. They have no credibility. You don't survive in this world by sitting around pointing fingers and blaming everyone else.

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