Thursday, November 10, 2016

Tea is good eh

Okay, I am calm now. I can write about things without flipping out over the U.S. election results.
It was a good day. We’ve have had a couple of nice mild days in Timmins, a bit overcast, but the temps were warm, around 10 Celsius.
We have a few nice new coffee bars in the downtown area, which I think adds a pretty nice local flavour to our city. Yes, I still enjoy McDonald’s coffee and a Timmies dark roast, but today I got a nice cup of Red Rose for only 75-cents. That’s all they charge at the Coffee Warehouse, because you serve yourself. You can also pick and choose from a huge selection of Keurig coffee pods, and other tea-like infusions. 
They also have amazing muffins, cookies, sandwiches and other foods. I drive myself crazy walking by their pasta bar, it smells so incredibly good. The new shop is located in a former clothing shop, so the decor is pretty rich and upbeat. They kept a lot of the expensive wood paneling. Looks nice. 
So I think I have had only ten cups of coffee in the past month. I am definitely on the tea thing now. I don’t know if that is better for me or what, … but I don’t pee as much LOL. 

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