Saturday, November 05, 2016

Could it really happen?

I think I am like a lot of folks these days, living in dread of whether Donald Trump will actually be elected to office. I don’t believe he is a stupid as he has been portrayed, but he is certainly not as smart as he might be. Certainly, he is not presidential in the sense that George Bush Sr. or JFK presented themselves. Mr. Trump is a disappointment, as is the Republican Party. 
What is truly disheartening is reading the stories in the U.S. media of how ordinary people seem so ready to accept this person and the things he stands for. I don’t see how people can overlook his obvious sins and be ready to vote for him. I think also there is an underlying current of people being against the idea of a woman being president. Come on. This is 2016. I also think there is a backlash against Obama. I think a lot of American citizens are still so upset at having had a black president, they will thumb their nose at the establishment by voting in Trump. And that’s fine. But I am still having a hard time accepting the level of popularity that Trump seems to be enjoying. I hope I am wrong.
Oh well, we will know by Tuesday night.
By the way, Tuesday is Ronald’s 60th birthday. What a milestone for my little brother. No more war zones for that guy. Not unless somebody talks down about the Toronto Maple Leafs or Miller Genuine Draft.
And yes we are all getting older. Big brother Gary will be 65 in December.

Speaking of sports favourites, I can truly say I was more than pleased to see the Chicago Cubs win the World Series. I was never a rabid Cubs fan, ever. But when Cleveland beat the the Blue Jays, I could not cheer for Cleveland so I figured I would have to cheer for Chicago. Ask Claudette. We sat in her living room on more than one occasion with the TV blaring and me shouting at the plays. 

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