Monday, September 05, 2016

A perfect Northern Ontario weekend...

Well the Labour Day weekend was one of the best times so far this summer. Claudette and I drove down to Westree for a visit. Who knew that we would end up playing Texas Horseshoes?  It was more fun that I expected. I loved spending so much time with Tyler and Nathan, who haven’t yet learned how to stop growing tall!
Don, Jennifer and Scott got out to do some serious fishing. And I mean serious. Look at those pickerel. Jenn caught the five-pound monster on the right, out of Opikinimika Lake. We had an amazing fish fry at the camp Saturday night. Don and Denise were the usual masters of hospitality. Supper was excellent. An evening around the bonfire was perfect.

We also got a tour of Denise’s garden. I was impressed. Along with her many other talents, Denise has a green thumb. I was pleased as well when she donated a couple a fresh turnips. Claudette and I cooked them up with some mashed potatoes and cabbage rolls when we got back to Timmins Sunday night. Wow, I amazed at how often I forget how good it is to have real food, fresh food.
And I know Jennifer is reading, so here in the info on the wine. It’s a French Red and you will love it:

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