Sunday, September 18, 2016

The sound of jets...

I was not pleased recently to read of, and listen to, reports in the Toronto media of people being upset with the annual air show at the Canadian National Exhibition. Their contention is that the sound of military jets is the sound of oppression for many refugees. There are claims that the sound of jets is the sound of hell raining down on people who had experienced first hand the terror of living in a war zone. Okay, I can understand that. But welcome to Canada, the land of freedom and tolerance. This is where we choose to let others live and let live.  If you don’t like the sound of military jets, fine. Don’t listen. Tune it out. Ignore it. You’re in Canada. The chance of a military jet raining down terror on the population here is quite remote. If you want to live in Canada, get used to other people living their lives too. We Canadians are made of sterner stuff than getting upset at the sound of a military jet.
Besides, I come from a military family. I grew up with the sound of jets. I know that jets are also the sound of freedom, when those jets are deployed against tyrants in other parts of the world. Yes, Canadian warplanes have done their share of raining hell down on the bad guys. Sorry if that offends, but hey, you want to be a Canadian, then get used to other people having different opinion. Jets are the sound of redemption when our troops are pinned down or trapped by the enemy. When our jets are sent in on a ground support mission, it means our troops have a better chance of coming home from a dangerous mission.
I know some people might not like that, but here in Canada we have values that override your personal opinions. So maybe it’s time to consider how others think and learn to go along and get along.

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