Sunday, June 05, 2016

Red Rose from now on ...

It's disappointing to learn that something that you enjoy so much has something wrong with it. I am referring to a cup of tea. CBC Marketplace ran a report not too long ago that revealed that most popular tea products in Canada have trace amounts of pesticide. Now Health Canada said that this is not a major problem even though the Canadian Food Inspection Agency revealed that many popular teas have pesticide residues above the acceptable limit. The tea industry also responded to Marketplace saying that pesticides are a fact of life for tea. Most teas are produced in India, Ceylon (Sri Lanka), China and Kenya.
Here's the thing. Red Rose Orange Pekoe Tea and Red Rose Canadian Breakfast Blend has no residues, none, nothing. At first I thought it was a mistake but then Red Rose issued a statement saying its tea producers are certified organic and that their tea is grown in Kenya, where there is no threat from insects and therefore no need for pesticides. You can see the organic approval seal on the left side of the box.
So, I went out Saturday and bought Red Rose. I threw out half a box of Tetley, half a box of Lipton and a few sachets of Twinings.

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