Friday, June 10, 2016

Loss of a legend...

So yes, I felt sadness today at the news of Gordie Howe’s death. It is bizarre because just last week at work we were talking about the death of Muhammad Ali and we wondered what other athlete might have had the same impact in sports that Ali had in the 20th century. I suggested maybe Gordie Howe. Some of my co-workers agreed. So Rest In Peace old man.

I also remember myself and Gary playing rubber boot hockey in Portage La Prairie when we were kids. (we didn’t have skates yet) We had one pair of shin pads and a Gordie Howe Red Wings sweater between the two of us. So if one got the sweater to wear, the other of us got the pads. I always enjoyed wearing that sweater when it was my turn. I remember arguing with Gary that he shouldn’t get the sweater because he was playing goalie.  Either way it was kind of cool that kids back in 1961 wanted to be Gordie. 

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