Tuesday, May 03, 2016

So I picked up a little blonde...

I saw that Guinness had this new American style lager the other day, so I grabbed a couple. After all, I am a true fan of Guinness Irish Stout. I figured why not. It is called Guinness Blonde. Well, I am sorry to say I took about three sips and that was all I could manage. I poured it down the kitchen sink. I find it too bitter. Now I've read a few reviews and most folks seem to like it. But I have to be honest, it just wasn't to my taste on Sunday. So I will keep the other can in the fridge and wait for a really hot summer day and try it again. In the meantime, I am keep my taste buds well sated by enjoying a new bottle of Graham's Tawny Port. OMG it is such a treat. I was thinking about it at work today and my mouth was watering. So before bed tonight, two ounces of that lovely port will send me off into dreamland.
And before I sign off, I was so pleased yesterday when Jennifer texted me the happy news that Tyler has his driver's licence. Wow, I remember what fun it was to get a licence. I am so happy for him.

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