Sunday, April 10, 2016

Hot dogs!

Well I have sure been taking my time reading Steinbeck this past week, but it has been enjoyable. Being a Sunday I usually plan something substantial for a Sunday dinner. Sometimes it's roast beef. Sometimes a nice pasta dish.  But here's the thing, I had some amazing smoked trout on Friday and that's hard to beat. I wasn't sure what to have for supper today, so I was out shopping to stock up and milk, bread and other things. That's when I noticed Schneider's Juicy Jumbo Hot Dogs. Well that did it. I haven't enjoyed a good hot dog in months. So I picked up some nice freshly-baked herbed buns, a bottle of sliced pickles, some nice organic tomatoes and a fresh squeezey-thing of French's mustard. Got home with the groceries a few hours ago and put the oven on at 270. Put a couple of those juicy dogs in the oven with foil wrap, some salt, pepper and garlic powder. 20 minutes. Then I added the buns for about five minutes. The hot dogs came out perfect, just nice and sizzled. So I put them in the buns with pickle slices, really thin tomato slices and then I drizzled on the mustard. Chopped up some cheddar cheese and poured a nice frosty beer. OMG. Heaven. Okay so now I have a leftover package of hot dogs. But they're in the freezer. I will have to plan for some wieners and beans next week.

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