Wednesday, March 02, 2016


God, this is going to sound so smarmy, but here goes. I talked to people at work and they weren’t entirely helpful. I had to read up on it, but I think I am ready to spend a few days tipping other people. I am going to visit the city next week and I wasn’t sure what passes for an appropriate tip these days when one stays in a fancy hotel and takes advantage of other services. When I was working in tourism – yes, that was ten years ago! – I had a better idea as I travelled often. So thank goodness for Trip Advisor and the Internet because I now have a much better understanding of how to treat those helpful folks who make things nicer and more comfortable when you’re a tourist. People like the doorman, the concierge, room service, laundry service and the chambermaids. So I have been saving up $5 bills for the past week or so. It seems loonies and twoonies are not quite enough, but a $5 tip is deemed quite appropriate for most occasions. And yes, I am aware this doesn’t include restaurant meals.  I know it sounds pretentious as hell, but I believe in tipping. So I will be prepared.

Reruns. Well it happened by accident this week that I stumbled across the opening episodes of Downton Abbey. I watched for a few minutes and remembered how much I enjoyed watching that series when it first began. As that was happening I realized that even though I had watched the entire series so far, there was stuff that I don’t remember from the first season… it was like reading a book you hadn’t seen for 20 years. So now I am hooked, again. Oh well, I am off to enjoy another episode with a nice 'ot cuppa tay!  

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