Sunday, March 13, 2016

Should be walking more ...

Do you walk enough? I don’t think so. I know I don’t. But I try. Daughter Jenn recently commented on the fact I parked so far away from the door when I was shopping recently. I said it is one of the few ways I make myself walk, knowing that during a normal workday I don’t afford myself enough time to go walking. I really noticed it last week when I went through the tunnel at Toronto’s Billy Bishop Airport for the first time. Like many others I was carrying a shoulder bag and pulling a suitcase. I got out of the cab, went down an elevator, walked a few metres and then descended on an escalator to the tunnel level. I was amazed at the length of the tunnel and then I noticed I was on a “moving sidewalk”. I suppose I could have walked in the centre area of the tunnel, but I didn’t think about it at first. Interestingly, all of us on the moving sidewalk were walking as the sidewalk progressed forward. So I did get some walking in.

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