Sunday, March 20, 2016

Bye Bye Keurig

The Keurig experiment is over for me. I got a machine a couple of years ago, because like a lot of people I know, it was the thing to do. It was just so convenient and easy to make a cup of coffee. To be honest, I never found it to make a really good robust cup of coffee. Yesterday I took my Keurig, cleaned it up and I will be putting it away. Maybe I will give it to a church group or something. For several months now I have been drinking tea in the mornings. I put the kettle on before my shower and soon the water is boiling. I like my King Cole and occasionally Tetley BOLD tea. Not long ago there was a sale on Maxwell House instant coffee, so I bought a jar. What is nice about it is that I can make a really strong cup of coffee, usually around lunch time. Then a few weeks back I saw a Maxwell House flavoured café mix in a little square can. So now I mix a bit of that in with the instant coffee and it is very nice. Here’s the other thing. I know I will be saving money. A box of 10 or 12 Keurig pods is $8 or $9. Good instant coffee with the specialty café flavours is much less for roughly 100 cups of coffee, and it tastes good.

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