Saturday, February 27, 2016

These guys are champions!

Everyone I talk to in Timmins knows about it, so I figured it was about time I put a mention here about what a great hockey team the Valley East Outlaws are.  This is the team that includes Scott as a coach and Nathan as a player. They came to Timmins in January and won the tournament. A couple of weeks back they played in Ottawa and won that tournament too! So congratulations team. I am really proud of all your hard work.

So this was another good week at work, made a bit more interesting by the fact my vehicle was in the shop and I had a rental. It was a 2016 Santa Fe. I picked it up first thing Monday morning and barely got used to it when I had to return it Friday afternoon. It was nice with all the tech stuff on it. I liked the fact that many of the controls were located right on the steering wheel. Oh my vehicle has another brand new front bumper. It got smashed by a lady who drove through a stop sign. Good thing is that no one was hurt. And HER insurance paid everything!

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