Sunday, November 22, 2015

It's not bad!

So I am not usually a Crown Royal drinker. I have always found it a bit too sweet. But good marketing has made CR one of the best selling Canadian whiskies out there. There was some more good news last week that piqued my interest. Crown Royal produced a new product, a Northern Harvest Rye and on Friday a well known whiskey authority declared it the World Whiskey of the Year. Well, isn't that special? So on the way home from work Friday afternoon I dropped in at the LCBO to grab a bottle. Had a nice little sip Friday night, and yes, it is quite nice, very smooth. And it is a RYE whiskey. Many Canadians don't know it, but most whiskies in Canada are made from corn. The notion of rye whiskey goes back to the 1800s when some Canadian distillers added rye in their whiskey making process. Some experts have declared that rye produces a smoother flavour. I don't know. They use corn now mainly because it produces alcohol more quickly and more cheaply. But this new version of CR is made with 90 per cent rye. So yes, I bought a bottle and I am pleased. Christmas is coming. Woohoo.


Anonymous said...

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Len said...

I just tried it. It works fine on my computer. Better check your computer. Yikes.