Saturday, October 31, 2015

This is so good!

The Portugese sure did a good thing a few hundred years back when they invented that fabulous fortified beverage known as Port. I have enjoyed several over the years and have always found them to be warm, comforting and delicious. National Geographic had an excellent article on the Duoro Valley a few years back. That’s where port is made.  So today when I was in the liquor store, I grabbed a couple of bottles of white wine and was looking at some reds as well. Nothing seemed to stand out for me and then I saw the Ports on a shelf. With winter coming, I had this urge to have something so sweet and smooth and warming. Usually, a good whiskey does the trick. But today I grabbed a bottle of Graham’s vintage LVBP. This is the talented little sister to the really expensive vintages that usually run about $100 a bottle.  I usually choose the tawny, medium sweet, but today I went traditional. Oh my. And it is just so fine. The critics love writing about this stuff and have mentioned that there are hints of chocolate, cranberry, blackberry, caramel and fruitcake! I honestly don’t know about that except that I love the taste and it makes me smile.

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