Sunday, August 09, 2015

Trump in the dump...

Well I spent part of the morning drinking coffee and reading the New York Times, among other things. Of course, I got caught up on the antics of Mr. Trump at the debate in Cleveland. I am amazed that Americans, who are so aware of common sense, would put up with Mr. Trump who does not seem to have much respect for the U.S. political system. Canadians have much to be thankful for. Our political leaders do not always inspire us, but they're usually a pretty common sensical, and bright, group of people. I am confident Canadians would not put up with the likes of Mr. Trump as a political leader. Yeah yeah, he can be okay to watch on a TV show, but really, you don't let someone like that in government. In my fantasy political debate, I can imagine Mr. Trump going up against Stephen Lewis, Pierre Trudeau, Robert Stanfield or even John Deifenbaker. They would leave Trump, in the dump, on his rump! LOL

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