Thursday, March 19, 2015

Hollywood sucks. Thank God for books.

I was feeling disappointed these past few days as I sat down to call up an online movie through my Roku box. I went to Google Play, which is supposed to have all the best movies from recent years. Bahhh on that.  Roku is great, but the movie choices from the past few years are just terrible. No wonder I am not inspired by the Academy Awards any more. It has become such a dog and pony show and it seems the only thing people care about is what other people are wearing. Well they should be wearing shame for one thing. Hollywood really sucks lately.
There are always exceptions of course. I was pleased to watch the film Lincoln starring Daniel Day-Lewis. For a few moments I really believed I was seeing the face of Abraham Lincoln.  Brilliant movie. And it was directed by Stephen Spielberg, who is beyond brilliant. But when I look the few choices left of really good movies, I say thank God we have books.


Anonymous said...

Hello sir.

A bit off topic but gosh darn it, something bothers me of the online Timmins Times, Tuesday, March 24, 2015. What's with all those cop cars on the front page? Holy smokes man, is there a coup d'etat going on in the city with the heart of gold?

***ACCUSED COP CAR THIEF OUT ON BAIL - um, nice shot of the front tire of the OPP vehicle.

***STOLEN POLICE CAR FOUND. MATHESON MAN CHARGED - two obvious OPP cars with drivers probably talking to each other.

***CRIMINAL CHARGE LAID AGAINST HIT & RUN SUSPECT - local cop car turning on a street.

***TIMMINS POLICE FIND HIT AND RUN SUSPECT - same picture of the local cop car turning on a street.

Just needed to get this off my chest. Feeling much better now. Like your blog. I'll have a scotch myself later on in the evening.

Thank you for your time reading my rant.


BTW, Ever watch the original 1960's Hawaii Five-0 tv series? Liked those cop cars chasing a suspect on a beach with the sound of screeching tires in the sand. LOL!

Len said...

Good rant!