Sunday, February 15, 2015

3K on snowshoes? No problem!

So there was a train wreck in Northern Ontario last night. 100-car freight train with 29 cars off the tracks in dense bush north of Gogama. No injuries, but the train was burning.  I was up early this morning and figured I could drive out and get some photos. The first word I got was that the wreck was only three kilometres back from the highway. Hey, no problem. Grab the snowshoes and go for a hike. I figure 3K is just fine. It has been so cold, minus 45 last night, and there is a nice crust on the snow. Good thing I checked with the CN Rail office in Toronto before heading out... I wanted to get precise information. Whoa, it's not three kilometres. It was 30 kilometres up the tracks from the highway. Forget the snowshoes! Anyway, it is so far in the bush that the heavy equipment guys with excavators and bulldozers still have not arrived as of suppertime Sunday.  I didn't get photos of the wreck, but I did snap a couple of pictures in the freight yard in Gogama. So I will try again tomorrow and either find a plane or hitch a ride with a CN crew. Although many of those poor guys will be out there working all night tonight.That doesn't sound like fun!

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