Saturday, August 23, 2014

Just some photos from this summer in Timmins...

A woman, Lynne Bouchard, was the captain of a winning mine rescue team.

The Mr. Schumacher statue was nicely repaired and cleaned up.

Entrepreneur Jon Bonney set up a wakeboard ride on Gillies Lake.

Gillies Lake, just a nice place to hang out on a summer day.

A blasting incident at the Hollinger pit. A rock escaped the blast zone and landed on a parked car. Production shut down for three weeks.

Some local teenagers were rescued after spending a night stranded on the shore of the Grassy River when their canoe flipped over.

The summer concerts every Wednesday night have been a hit with a lot of Timmins folks.

Click on the photos to see the large version.
Photos by Len Gillis ©

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