Saturday, October 05, 2013

Tea, tea and more tea

What's going on...? I have more coffee in this place than I can handle, but for the last three weeks I have been drinking nothing but tea. This morning I figured I might just fire up the Keurig and enjoy a quick coffee. For some reason I patiently boiled the water and waited for the tea to steep. In my mind, I find that coffee has been a bit too bitter lately. I have enjoyed a coffee while out on assignment lately, but at home when I want to relax or get ready for work, good old Red Rose has done the trick.

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Anonymous said...

Make a cup of tea with the Keurig. Put the bag where the Kcup is supposed to go, but don't let it poke a hole in the tea bag. Run it and then put the bag in the cup of tea you just made to make it as strong as you like.
I think I will go make myself some tea right now! :)