Sunday, August 25, 2013


I recently finished reading a book about steak. It’s written by Globe and Mail columnist Mark Schatzker. I don’t usually write about what I have read unless I really, really enjoy it. Okay I really enjoy steak, but I found Schatzker’s book interesting, but not fulfilling. He travelled the world… from Toronto, to Texas to Argentina to Scotland to Japan, all in search of the perfect ribeye or strip loin. He was searching for the perfect beef flavour. In one sense I might have agreed with him. But it wasn’t until the very final pages of the book that he wrote about cooking the perfect steak. That’s what I wanted to read about. For all that I read, I am not changing my ways. I like my strip loin. I like it pan fried, cast iron, with a touch of olive oil for about eleven minutes. Then I let it rest for ten minutes. Sometimes I marinade, sometimes I don’t. Sometimes I will really treat myself and get a ribeye. But the book has inspired me in the sense that I will try different cuts of steak, such as flank and maybe a T-bone (which I think are wayyyy overrated). I have had three steaks since I finished the book and each time I just added salt and pepper, nothing else, not even A1 Sauce or HP Sauce. All have been nice. Anyway, the book is okay. I wouldn’t buy my own copy, but the library should be helpful.

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