Saturday, October 13, 2012

Bad jokes and cool gadgets ...

Gadgets are something you have to appreciate, especially when you don’t have the ones you want. Here in Timmins, a lot of folks have those winter remote car starters for those really cold days. I had one on my Tracker, but I don’t have one on the Nitro. A fellow asked me once, Do you have an automatic car starter.  I said, I used to have one, but she got a new boyfriend! Ha ha. It’s the same with dishwashers. Guy asked me, Do you have an automatic dishwasher. I said I did at one time, but she moved out of town! Ha ha. Which brings me around to the fact that Jennifer has a new potato peeler. She was preparing Thanksgiving dinner last week when I offered to peel the spuds. She said No thanks and pulled out a fancy looking Starfrit device that was amazing. Jenn peeled a whole pot of potatoes in just a few minutes. I love stuff like that. I think I know what Santa will bring me this Christmas.

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