Thursday, June 14, 2012

Still learning ...

Okay so I am still in training on the new ‘toy’ – the Blackberry -- but I have to admit I find it useful already. I hate to admit it, but there is something nice about not rushing back to the office, or the house, to check my e-mail. But here’s the thing… even though the Blackberry can be set up with our corporate e-mail, I haven’t done that. I have flagged a few important contacts and anytime they send a message it goes to my old hotmail account. And that pops up on the screen… instantly.  I am not going to use the phone for the “social media” thing either. I have already deleted the Twitter, Facebook and other social media accounts.
It has quite a few interesting features, a still camera, a video camera, a compass, a very useful GPS tracker, so that’s all cool. The one I find really interesting is the QR-Code reader, which downloads tonnes of info based on those square codes you see everywhere. This one here is for the New York Times. As you might expect I have loaded up several news applications along with direct feeds from the OPP, city police and city hall.

So I guess you could say, yeah, it’s useful.  

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