Monday, May 07, 2012

Yup, did it again. Silly me!

So I had to do some catch up on my laundry last night... close to midnight. Without thinking, I grabbed the hamper and threw it all in the washer. Only when I pulled my jeans out did I notice the black spot... a big yucky black spot where my pen leaked out. Yep, I left a pen in my jeans pocket. Then I remembered I might have left phone in the pocket too. Yup! Of course, it wasn't working at all so I pulled the battery out and put the phone on a table to dry out. Luckily I had a phone from two years ago sitting in my desk. So I changed the SIM cards and everything is fine. The old phone is working perfectly. I just have to get used to all the buttons again! And I will have to buy some new jeans. Threw the other ones out last night.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Len, I washed Ryan's phone once. If it ever happens again: Immediately take out the battery, and put it in rice right away, and leave it there, completely covered for a few days. The rice will absorb most of the water. Dry in front of a fan for an extra day, then give it a try. Ryan's phone works better now than before I washed it. If you don't try to turn it on while it is wet, sometimes it will come back to life. If you turn it on, you'll fry it so always remove the battery right away.