Friday, November 11, 2011

Yes, I am watching TV!

I was so pleased today to see so many citizens attend the Remembrance Day ceremonies at the cenotaph in Timmins. Today was the first really cold day of the season and I was happy that more than 200 people showed up. Of course, the old WWII veterans were there too, but there are now less than five local vets who attend the ceremonies. Still it was a good day to remember. Of course I was thinking of people like my Dad, Danny Gillis and my brother Ron Gillis, both of whom have served in wartime.
On another matter, I have been enjoying some great television shows lately. I tell people I don’t watch TV. That’s kind of a lie. I don’t watch regular commercial TV. But I do watch good television programs when I find them. HBO, an American production network, has produced some excellent television. In recent weeks I have watched a series called The Wire, another series called Rome and now I am watching a series called John Adams. If you can get your hands on those programs, you will be amazed. Americans are masters of serious television drama. The writing, the acting, the producing is so damned good. How good? So good that tonight I put aside a book to watch television! What does that tell ya?

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Anonymous said...

Hi Len,
We have watched these too. Our guys especially love Breaking Bad. It is over for another season but may be worth renting the previous seasons.