Sunday, August 21, 2011

A lot of freaky people here... : )

Okay, they're not that freaky... let's say creative. The Edinburgh International Fringe Festival is on, so there are a lot of very "unusual" things to see here. I spent the past two days touring the downtown, seeing the sights of the Royal Mile and the castle. I will try to put up some photos here tomorrow. It's Sunday night and I am pooched. I walked so much I have a nice little blister on my right foot. I will blame the new hiking shoes. But it is all very enjoyable. I plan on getting a good night's sleep and getting up early to pack. I will be riding the train the Morar, the tiny community in the northwest of Scotland where the Gillis family left from when they traveled to Canada a couple of hundred years ago. I will have five hours on the train, so that should be enough time to upload the photos and update this blog. Cheers for now.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Len,

Not sure if you are checking the news in Canada while you are away... but you might want to check on some bad news about your buddy Jack Layton.