Thursday, March 31, 2011

A very nice, very fun day

Well it has sure been a fun day. I was planning to take the day off work, since we get our birthday as a floater. But I was awakened at about 5:30 a.m. ... there was a fire call at a remote logging camp south west of town, so I headed out there. That was a challenge, but it's so quiet in the bush on a winter morning that I was able to shut off the truck and listen for the sound of the fire engine motor off in the distance and was able to find the camp. It was still dark and I didn't see smoke until the sun rose.
Got back into town around 8:15 a.m. just to catch the first e-mails from my EARLY April Fools gag that I put on Page Three and the website. What a hoot. We reported there was a new tax on text messaging and twittering. Well, what a commotion. The switchboard lit up at city hall and even the mayor took angry calls. A company rep from Bell Mobility called and asked up to pull the story since their call centre was backed up with angry callers. Then city hall put out a news release asking the other media in town to report that it was all a joke. So... that was fun. Even though the folks at city hall are mighty Peed Off at this fellow.
I called Jennifer but she was AT WORK today... yes, she is working! She has a temp job at the Revenue Canada tax centre in Sudbury.
Then my cell phone died, which was a good thing because I was getting phone calls and voice messages from friends who enjoyed the gag. Some were not so nice! LOL
But the nicest part was all the nice birthday wishes from people i got in emails today and on Facebook. Even my little bro Ronald left a message here on the blog, in a comment with the black and white photo right below this posting. Ha ha funny guy! LOL. Tomorrow will be another nice day. Hard to believe that Tyler is going to 11 years old! OMG...before we know it he will be a teenager!!!


Anonymous said...

so....if i have a tax issue can i request jenn???? lol. got an extension??

Anonymous said...

I left two messages too but since you said your cell phone died, you may not have heard the messages I left. I didn't forget your Birthday.