Thursday, December 16, 2010

Funny comments!

If you check the comments at the bottom of the Dec. 13 post, you will see the following:
"You forgot to mention the highlight of one of the Christmas parties was the pulling fire alarm and the arrival of the fire trucks at the base gym, and better yet was that once we all saw Debra the first time we did not believe she was a girl as she had a buzz cut for a haircut."
Well the only other person who would know that would be little brother Ronald, or big brother Gary. Gary doesn't own a computer. Ha ha ha.
Well I do remember both incidents. Although I honestly cannot remember who pulled the fire alarm, I do remember that Dad was quite embarrassed to discover it was one his children. That means it was either me or Ron. And it was at the airbase in Portage la Prairie. Gary would never do such a thing. But it was sure a lot of fun from a kid's perspective. I remember some years later when Dad mentioned that the base brass was terrified for a few moments at the thought that a fire had broken out in the base gym where hundreds of children were inside meeting Santa Claus. And as for the comments about Debra, I absolutely remember the first time we saw her. She was as bald as could be, and we brothers could not understand how a little sister could not have hair. Ronald was the first one to mention it and we laughed and laughed.

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