Monday, September 13, 2010

Chillin' in Comox

It's a nice morning in Comox, BC, where my bro Ronald lives with his wife Leilani and their two children, Christina and Matthew. I have been a guest here since Sunday afternoon when I rode the VIA Rail from Victoria four and a half hours north.
On Sunday the beerfest crowd from Vancouver got together for a quick brunch in downtown Victoria. Neil and I were pleased to meet up with cousin Sherry Fortais(Sue's daughter)and Sherry's daughter Tia. We had a great meal and a great chat. I never had any idea that Sherry was living in Victoria until Jennifer told me and said to make sure we got a visit in. So glad we did!
After the train ride into Comox, Ron picked me up at the train station and somehow became an excellent host. (Not bad for a little brother!) And it has been great. I am being spoiled again. Ronald outdid himself with a fabulous ribeye steak dinner last night and then Lani served up n awesome chocolate cake with strawberries for dessert! The cake was so good that I had to have some for breakfast today.
After all it would not be polite just to let it sit there! Ronald promised that Comox would be a great place to visit and he is right. This is an amazing town with great weather and everywhere you look there is amazing scenery. Looking out the kitchen window from their new house, you can see the mountains and glaciers on the mainland of BC. How cool is that? I think I like the fresh air the best. The air here is as clean and crisp as anything in Northern Ontario. And Ron drove me all around in his new Jeep Liberty, which i might add is the sister vehicle to the Dodge Nitro that I have. Today we also drove around and soon I will be boarding a flight from Comox back to Vancouver. I got a chance to say goodbye to Lani. She works at the airbase and she met us in the parking lot since I would not be allowed into her work area. But we were able to snap some very nice photos.

It was so nice to visit here. I know I will miss them all ... and the leftover chocolate cake too. But I didn't forget that bottle of Scotch Ronald promised! Tomorrow will be interesting as I will prepare to leave the West and begin the journey back east to Ontario. Keep smiling.


Anonymous said...

Oh Boy, Do you guys ever look old. Good thing I am so much younger than you...and I have heard of hair dye!

Len said...

Debra, yeah I know about the hair dye thing. But I wasn't about to say anything to Ronald about it! LOL

Anonymous said...

Okay you two, real funny. I will have you know that "arctic blonde is the new black". There is ten thousand comedians out of work and you guys are trying to be funny. As for you Debra, the dye must of clouded your vision as I am still good looking, and for you Leonard I can see my toes without the aid of a mirror.:)