Monday, March 08, 2010

Boots dry, pants wet.

Sometimes I do dumb things … like put away the snowshoes too early. I was out in the bush today to grab photos of new work being done on the Sandy Falls dam. So I followed a few bush roads, hopped a fence and went for a hike. I should’ve known the moment I landed after coming off the fence, I sank up to my butt in soft wet snow. I figured once I got out in the open it would be better. Nope. Snow up to my knees all the way, about a kilometre in and then a kilometre back out. Those footprints run deep! Once I got to the river, there was some interesting ice formations on the water. The other nice thing is that the sun was shining all the way and the hike out is always easier than the hike in. My boots were dry, but my pants were soaked with slush. It was pretty warm out too. I took off my jacket and had short sleeves on. What a beautiful day in Northern Ontario.
I had a nice chat with Jennifer this morning. She says she and the boys will be heading off to camp with Don and Denise for March Break. Sounds like the perfect way to welcome spring. But before I let that thought go, everyone knows that were due for a good blizzard sometime between now and the May 24 weekend. That's reality in Northern Ontario.


Anonymous said...

i think wet pants were worth the waterfall picture.
i hear ya on the weather, it is raining here in red lake today, lots of snow is going. but just can't believe that this is the end of summer, i'm just waiting for the reality check when more snow comes and it gets back to -20 or -30.
hey, i'm hoping to come for a visit with the kids last week of july, timmins and hopefully sudbury to see jenn. ta

Linda said...

Say's who????