Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Jennifer is a survivor

I am always amazed at how well people respond to good treatments. Jennifer says her last treatment of chemo-therapy has left her feeling better than expected. At some point soon, in the next week or so, the med team at the Sudbury cancer centre will take another bone marrow sample and hopefully it will once again show no cancer cells and then Jenn’s leukemia will officially be in remission. After that, Jenn says she will be transferred off the cancer ward and over to the rehab wing of the hospital. Then begins the battle to learn how to walk again, hopefully. Anyway, as much as Jenn was worried about the last round of chemo-therapy, things seemed to have worked out nicely. For the first time, she had no fever when her blood counts dropped down. Also, she experienced only one day of nausea. What a change that is from her past encounters with the chemo-cocktail. It looks like my favourite girl will be at home with her boys for Christmas!
Meanwhile, back in Timmins, I am settling down to apartment life. We closed the deal on the house because the young couple that bought it wanted to get moved in before Christmas. I cannot disagree with that. My new apartment is very nice, but it is going to take me days to unpack.
Not all is well in Timmins these days. Yesterday, Xstrata, the Swiss based company that bought the Kidd Creek smelter a few years ago, announced that it will close the Timmins copper smelter and zinc refinery next May, putting 670 people out of work. It's a huge news story, but I feel terrible for the workers and their families. Who would have thought that would ever happen? Luckily Timmins is still a treasure chest of minerals. Thank goodness for all the gold and diamonds. Let's hope those industries continue to thrive.


Anonymous said...

It's nice to finally hear good news about Jenn. I'm sure she will be in remission after all of this. For Xtrata that is different story.
My son in-law works there and will be out of work, that really sucks.Those foreign people should stay where they belong. They make there money, then take off and leave those poor people standing without a job. For you Len congrats.on your appartment, u are lucky to have gotten one so soon..eh. It takes time to settle in when you move, you just need the patience.(neighbour)..lol. Well i would like to wish you and your family a Merry xmas and a Happy New Year.

Anonymous said...

we will all wish jen and all her boys to be home together for christmas. good news to hear that she is doing so well.
wish her a happy bday this weekend for me! sucks to be going through all of this but jenn is strong and she is going to get through this.
take care and good luck with the unpacking!!

Line said...

Thank you GOD!!!!