Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Jennifer is fighting a fever

Today was a rough day for Jennifer. She has a fever and feels very sick. She was not able to talk on the phone, just a quick hello. I hope she sleeps well. It makes me remember when she and Neil were kids and how I would peek into their room and check in on them every night before going to bed. I don`t know why but it`s comforting to watch a child sleeping. Sweet dreams Jenn.
On another topic, I got my H1N1 flu vaccine shot today. I was covering the opening of the flu clinic and was in the clinic before the public was allowed in. I was speaking to the woman in charge of infection control for local public health. She said anyone who comes into contact with a person undergoing chemo-therapy should get the shot because the chemo patient is especially vulnerable to flu germs. I rolled up my sleeve and got the shot right away. I feel much better now.

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