Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Grrrreat weekend. Happy Canada Day.

Yup, had another great weekend celebrating Canada Day. Who knew that Bacardi coolers would cause heartburn!? Oh well, live and learn. We were pleased to have lots of great things to do, despite the cold and rainy weather. But if you live in Timmins you get used to changes in weather. And for some reason after every Canada Day weekend, I just find less and less to gripe about. I guess we really do live in the best country in the world eh.


Anonymous said...

Hey Len you are soooooo right about that! I realized just how wonderful our country is when I did some traveling in our, getting smaller by the day, world.
I'm doing my part out here on the east coast proclaiming it to all my clients and friends who gripe about our government, social systems and the weather.
Let them all go live elsewhere and just try not missing all this wonderfulness we've got going on here!

Len said...

It's true. I think we take too much for granted. Check out the editorial in the local paper today.