Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Wait for the first new moon in June!

You never plant your garden until after the first moon in June ... if you live in Timmins. That's the rule! It became apparent last night why that rule is there. Temperature dropped to minus two this morning. Lots of plants and flowers hit by frost! The first new moon arrives on June 15th. I will be planting my flowers the next morning.

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neil said...

heheh. -2.
checkin in. alls good out here.
hows the timmins news? don't know if you keep up un this site, but it's a site that doesn't let stories get buried and forgotten.

probly got this over the wire already but i can't believe it..well, i can; just don't like to.

dog gone patriot act, everyone's a terrorist now by their definition. how long before it's in full effect up here.
take care, talk soon.