Thursday, November 09, 2006

Where were you the day the wall came down?

I remember it vividly... Watching CNN. November 9, 1989. The reporters couldn't believe what they were saying. The Berlin Wall , the infamous Iron Curtain, was crumbling. It happened with the fall of communist East Germany. Thousands of citizens approached the wall. The guards let them through. Suddenly people were dancing atop the wall.Others smashed away at it with sledgehammers. The next morning I tracked down a colleague, CBC reporter Colleen Thorpe, a Sudbury girl, who was working in Berlin. I told her I had one request- Get over to the wall and grab a piece of it for me. And so I keep my own little bit of history in a filing cabinet. It's a nice remembrance that even concrete will crumble when the people get fed up with being pushed around.

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