Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Celebrating life

I was so pleased to receive a note from Cape Breton today about our late Uncle Rannie, who died in August. Rannie was the subject of an interesting news article examining the idea of church funeral ceremonies. It was comforting to note that despite the sense of sadness and loss, Rannie’s funeral was seen as a celebration of life. Indeed, Rannie Gillis was a celebration of life in his own way. Read the article. The last two paragraphs are excellent.

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Jo-Anne said...

The funeral was quite something, I must say. Very sad but at the same time very beautiful, spiritual and powerful.
I always say that the most you can hope for when you die is that someone will say something nice about you and mean it. Well in this case, there was no shortage of that, and after the funeral ceremonies were over, we made our way back to the banks of the Mira where we all lifted a glass to him ....just as he would have done for any of us!