Thursday, October 05, 2006

Ten great things I have learned from my kids...

1 – It’s okay to change your mind if you see that something else is better.
2 – Kids will eventually find their own way, even if they make a few mistakes. It’s okay.
3 – Your kids will surprise you at how smart they are, even when it means they make decisions better than your own.
4 – Although they pissed you off time and time again, they’re still good people.
5 – They find some pretty excellent friends who may be a bit scary at first, but they’re good people too.

6 – They have some pretty cool ideas, values and judgements.
7 – Kids are different from their parents. They’re not clones. Thank goodness for that eh?
8- Kids will always let you know what’s important to them. You only have listen carefully.
9 -Kids can really make your day better. You only have to think about how great it is to know them.
10- They don’t have to be famous, or heroes or special to make you proud. They just have to be themselves.

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