Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Adventure Racing goes wild.

Timmins and James Bay Frontier will be in the spotlight in the coming week as the National Adventure Racing Championships come this way. Nearly 20 teams will be cycling, running and canoeing through some of the most difficult terrain in North America in a four day struggle to the finish line. I have seen the race course ('s a secret!) and it creates a whole new meaning for the word Challenge! Interestingly, Les Stroud, the fellow known as "Survivorman" has entered the race as well. Timmins will be the home base for race organizers, but the race itself will be spread out over a vast area of the northern boreal forest. I was out in the bush last night and the mosquitoes and black flies were getting into tiny little fist fights over who had the rights to chew on my arms, legs, neck and ears! (just kidding there).

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